Mark Sheridan television roles

I cannot now remember many of the TV shows I appeared in during those heady days of the Seventies, and as I mention elsewhere I lost so much archive material in the ’80s that it’s hard to track most of them down. There are practically no photos left, apart from a couple that might appear elsewhere. But here’s a selection of titles that are still fresh in my mind, and not always for theĀ  reasons you might expect. Often it’s the other actors I remember most.

  • Target
  • Coronation Street
  • Dixon of Dock Green
  • The Donati Conspiracy
  • Anthony and Cleopatra (RSC)
  • The Enigma Files
  • Blake’s 7
  • The XYY Man
  • Three Days At Sczczn
  • Funny Ha Ha
  • Spectrum (presenter)
  • The Cuckoo Waltz
  • The Cedar Tree
  • Rod Hull and Emu
  • Red Letter Days
  • An Hour In The Life…
  • Daisy Daisy
  • Strangers

There are a number of others, and if they ever spring to mind I’ll add them here.

Creative Commons License photo credit: Hari Hamartia

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