Remembering Verity-Anne :-(

verity-anne meldrumMore talks today with Steen and Michael Godbee of Gypsy Entertainment about plans for next year. Also exchanged news and possibilities with Leofric Kingsford-Smith (yes is the answer to the question forming in your mind) and Luke Berman. Talking to Steen left me feeling sad. Not his fault.

We got to discussing Godspell, the musical, and reminiscing about David Essex who starred in the London version. It was only after putting the phone down to him that I remembered the other wonderful star of that show, the beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Verity-Anne Meldrum. We were at drama school together and in fact Verity-Anne was still in her second year when she landed this role.

I loved Verity-Anne. Everyone did. So lovely, so talented. A unique voice that I can still hear after all these years.

As you have probably guessed already, she died tragically young of that bastard disease that has taken so many of our wonderfully talented people. Talking about Godspell reminded me of her and now I feel sad.



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